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    • 02-01-2021: Our showflat is open for preview. Be one of the 10 lucky winners to win a Mercedes Benz when you are the first 800 buyers.
    • 07-12-2020: Check out our updated Site Plan and Floor Plans.
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    • 15-06-2020: Read more: Condo Rents Rise 1%
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    • 08-03-2020: Read more on the developers behind the development of Normanton Park .

Normanton Park Developer

Normanton Park is proudly developed by Kingsford Development Pte Ltd. With a well-established record in the residential sector, it has created thousands of high quality and beautiful homes in Singapore.

Two of the highly regarded condos that they have built includes Kingsford Waterbay in District 19 and and Kingsford Hillview Peak in District 23.

Ever since it’s set up in 2000, Kingsford has won numerous awards in China and has proved to be the leading developer in Asia. Future Normanton Park condo residents are sure to benefit from its reliability and advancements in construction.


Normanton Park Location Map

Normanton Park condo is situated conveniently near the exit of Ayer Rajah Expressway AYE and Science Park Drive. It has Kent Ridge MRT station as the nearest MRT station. It is also easily accessible to West Coast Highway.

With great proximity to business parks such as the One North Business districts and the Science Park itself. Normanton Park condo is sure to be an attractive buy for the investors, mainly due to a big potential pool of tenants.

Home buyers will be tempted to own a unit in this development as it checks all the attributes of a dream home; Accessibility, Proximity to amenities such as shopping centre IKEA Alexandra, Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, Alexandra Village Food Centre, Alexandra Retail Centre, West Coast Plaza and Queensway Shopping Centre.

Kent Ridge Park is located exactly at the backyard of this development. Some parks that are nearby will be the Labrador Nature Reserve, Telok Blangah Hill Park, Mount Faber Park & West Coast Park.

Learn more about the surroundings with the Normanton Park location map.

Treasure-at-Tampines-developer-singapore (2)

Normanton Park Showflat

Kindly book an appointment here or call us at 61005566 before making your way down to view Normanton Park ShowFlat as we may be closed at certain days/time.

Online registrants who have booked an appointment here will be able to receive Direct Developer Price and need not pay any commission. Please be informed that units for sale at Normanton Park condo are on first come first serve basis. You may want to check Normanton Park Balance Units Chart as well.

Book An Appointment To Get Direct Developer Price

Book An Appointment To Get Direct Developer Price

Normanton Park Condo is a brand new mega condo situated at Normanton Park. A 99-year leasehold plot of land, this condo is proudly developed by Kingsford Development. What used to be a Normanton Park HUDC, the condo will be fully transformed into an exciting development consisting of close to 1900 units for future investors and homebuyers.

In one of the record-breaking collective sale deals in Singapore, the former Normanton Park price was sold for $830.1 million. Then, it was the highest ever paid for land, in terms of price per square foot per plot ratio, particularly for 99-year leasehold.

The winning bid that was made by Kingsford Huray Development Pte Ltd came along with an additional payment of about $231 million, topping up the lease to 99 years. It is also quoted that there will be a fee of about $284 million, redeveloping the site to a gross plot ratio of 2.1, on the basis of the maximum permissible gross floor area of about 1.4 million sq ft. With that purchasing land price, you may check the attractive Normanton Park Price.

Normanton Park condo is conveniently situated at a very accessible location, just a traffic away from Ayer Rajah Expressway AYE, near Science Park Drive and a few stops away from Kent Ridge MRT. This development is also surrounded by business parks and prestige schools, and has the Kent Ridge Park just behind it.

There aren’t many residential units available in the Kent Ridge, thus, there will be a pent-up demand for it. With Kingsford development impressive record of attractive pricing for previous residential units, Normanton Park developer sells almost a third of the 1862 units on the launch day.

Future homeowners and investors can register interest for the latest updates on Normanton Park e-Brochure, Normanton Park Floor Plan, Normanton Park Site Plan, or view Normanton Park showflat, click here.

To learn more about the project, you may contact us at 61005566.

Normanton Park, A Lush Haven, A Perfect Home

Kingsford Normanton Park, what used to be a significant landmark, stretching all the way back to decades of military heritage, was a residence for the commanders and officers. What we have now, is a huge transformation of residential landmark, with 9 tall-standing towers, over-looking the graceful hills of Kent Ridge.

Normanton Park is placed in a strategic location especially with the development of Greater Southern Waterfront, which we will dive in deeper, to give you a better understanding and assurance, to why this development will be a good buy for own stay buyers. This will be a beautiful beginning for you to Live, Work, Play, Learn.

LIVE, Normanton Park, A Perfect Living Environment

Unblocked View From The Balcony
Unblocked View From The Balcony

Normanton Park Singapore is situated on a massive plot of land, of more than 680,000 sqft, it is able to hold 9 tall standing towers of residential units, with 360 degrees of unblocked views, amazing views; views that are overlooking the unblocked city, views that are overlooking the Kent Ridge Park(which is at the doorstep of Normanton Park) and views that are overlooking the southern sea of Singapore. Kent Ridge Hill feels like it is part of the development. And you will be spoilt with choices for the units.

With that, we also have pool-facing views, which is a common premium in other condo developments, a must have in Normanton Park condo. Now just imagine, having so much to choose from, which one would you prefer? Which one will suit your lifestyle? Pick one for your balcony view. That is what you are paying for, and you are not guaranteed to have similar views anywhere else in Singapore. Truly unique.

As mentioned, it has 1,863 residential units, 19 units of strata landed house (terrace houses) and 8 commercial units. Indeed, it is a mega development. However, Normanton Park is in a region where residential units are lacking. On top of that, it is lacking the rental units that can serve all the tenant workforce that works in the nearby business parks.

They are 1 or 2 other new launches in the Buona Vista region, but more or less, they are boutique developments. In other words, the total number of units is low relatively. The nearest development that has just been launched, has only 165 units. Less than 10% of what Normanton Park can offer. So, is there an oversupply? We don’t think so.

Famous Seng Huat Hokkien Mee
Famous Seng Huat Hokkien Mee

A very important aspect of living is food. And we are talking about great food. And there is nothing short of it for Kingsford Normanton Park. We have local delights, trendy cafes, great food, all within close proximity. Pasir Panjang Food Centre which hosts the famous Seng Huat Hokkien Mee is nearby.

The Alexandra Village Centre, also known as ABC Brickworks Food Centre, boasts the Michelin Bib Gourmand Award Winner Claypot Laksa, which is also just a short walk away from IKEA and Queensway Shopping Centre. In the One North and Rochester areas, is where the trendy cafes are located at. Normanton Park caffeine hunters will definitely want to try Jimmy Monkey Café its popular coffee.

1-Bedroom Floor Plan
1-Bedroom Floor Plan

The floor plans that our developers have designed for Normanton Park homeowners, ensure the importance of harmonious living within the family. In the above photo, the kitchen, dining area, living room and balcony are all in linear congruence. This encourages family interaction when the family members are in either of these areas.

They are able to see others easily, and having conversations with one in the kitchen, and the other at the balcony, will not be an issue. The rooms though, are tucked to the other side to ensure privacy time at the same time, which is critical too. Be it privacy from guests or privacy for the family members, when they need to do their own work or studying, or even just some me-time, this floor plan is able cater these needs.

WORK, Normanton Park Bringing Work Near To Your Home

Normanton Park Location Map
Normanton Park Location Map

Normanton Park is strategically located close to the city centre, Central Business District and the Jurong Regional Centre, with Kent Ridge MRT Station as the nearest station.

If you have done a little bit of research, you will find out that it is only a 10 mins drive for Normanton Park to the CBD area. It is also a 15 mins drive to the Jurong Regional Centre. Both is easily accessible via Ayer Rajah Expressway AYE, as the property development itself is located just next to the expressway exit. Highly convenient, especially for those who drive.

Not to forget, it has a close proximity to medical hubs and business parks such as the One-North, Science Park and the National University Hospital. It is amazingly just a 7-min walk to the Science Park, and this will benefit investors especially as the pool of tenant is potentially from there as well. A 3-min and a 6-min drive to National University Hospital and One-North respectively, is another amazing feat as well, which emphasize the fact of its strategic location.

Overview of One-North
Overview of One-North

A little bit background about One-North, the park was developed by JTC Corporation and was launched in 2021. The Park was meant to focus on knowledge-based economy as it is mainly for Research & Development and a high technology cluster.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Tony Tan aim was to create a global talent hub, which is no surprise that this area is going to be popular with expats. High skilled talent from all over the world, will be attracted to this area, and the fact it has a new development like Normanton Park nearby, this will greatly increase the confidence of the investors that are eyeing for rental income. With the social and recreational facilities nearby like The Star Vista, this will make it a great place to live in as well.

Just a traffic light away from the Southern end of One-North, is the Science Park. As mentioned, it has become a hub for Research & Development. Science Park was launched in 2 phases in 1982 and in 1993 respectively. This means more expats, leading to higher demand for rental units in the area. This is where Normanton Park rental units can come in to help with the eco-system.

Get direct developer price here.

LEARN, Normanton Park, A Conducive Environment For Holistic Education


Now if you have sons, and you would like to place your son in a reputable school, Anglo Chinese School (Independent) may be the right one for him. Also known as ACS(I).

ACS(I) is a private school in Singapore which boasts a rich history. They run their own school programme which are still in line with MOE’s guidelines. They have curriculum which some public schools do not offer. The students will take a 6-year course, where at the 4th year, they will sit for the GCSE ‘O’ Levels and continue their International Baccalaureate on the 6th year.

And ACS(I) is just a 6 mins drive away from Normanton Park.

Now, here is the option your children are girls instead. They won’t be able to go to ACS(I) as it is an all-boys school. Well, Nanyang Girls High School’s reputation is as good as ACS(I) as well. Another school which stretches all the way to 1917, it is a partner school for Hwa Chong Institution. Thus, the secondary school path for your daughter is more or less settled. We will share with you more info on Hwa Chong Institution later in this website.

Nanyang Girls High School notably excels in not only education, but in their co-curricular activities as well. Similar to ACS(I), and these are the usual characteristics of a highly regarded school in Singapore.

The school has won titles in different sports championships in inter-school competitions, year after year, and also in the arts performance such as the Singapoore Youth Festival.

In fact, some of the notable alumni that studied in Nanyang Girls High School hold high positions in their working career now. We have Jamie Yeo, a great personality, being a radio DJ, TV presenter and actress as well. Grace Fu is another alumni, who is a Minister of MCCY, Singapore.

Nanyang Girls High School is only 14 mins drive away from Normanton Park.

And then there is Singapore Polytechnic. It is a tertiary school meant for post-secondary education. It is also the oldest and the first polytechnic in Singapore. Also known as SP, it is understood that they provide full-time diploma courses and ongoing upgrading of skills programme as well for working adults.

These are following academic schools in the polytechnic that supports the education system.

  • School of Architecture and the Built Environment (ABE)
  • SP Business School (SB)
  • School of Chemical and Life Sciences (CLS)
  • School of Computing (SoC)
  • School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)
  • School of Life Skills and Communication (LSC)
  • School of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (MAE)
  • School of Mathematics and Science (MS)
  • Professional & Adult Continuing Education (PACE) Academy
  • Media, Arts and Design School (MAD)
  • Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA)

Singapore Poly does not only emphasize on education, it does support co-curricular activities and this is evident in the facilities that they have invested and provide for the students. SP has a huge sports complex; a football pitch with a running track, four tennis courts, three badminton courts , 3 basketball courts and 1 gym. Other notable facilities will be the 2 libraries and the Aerohub.

Singapore Polytechnic is just a 10 mins drive away from Normanton Park. It is also easily access via public as SP is exactly located at Dover MRT.

Another independent institution and has been a top feeder school for international students like the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. As mentioned, it is affiliated with Nanyang Girls High School. And on top of the mainstream ‘A’ Levels certificate, the school awards Diploma to the top 30% of its graduating cohort. Notable alumni will be former President of Singapore, Mr Ong Teng Cheong. National University of Singapore is also another reputable school in the area.

Again, Normanton Park boasts proximity to reputable schools. For Hwa Chong Institution, it is only a 12 mins drive away. Other schools include Fairfield Methodist School and New Town Primary School.

PLAY, Normanton Park, A Park At Doorstep With Over 100 Lifestyle Facilities

Normanton Park Site Plan
Normanton Park Site Plan

Normanton Park, has over 100 facilities for its residences. Well placed among the 660,000sqft of majestic landscaping, it has facilities for the residents to play such as the following:

  • Basketball court
  • Toddler’s Playground
  • Tennis Court
  • Gym
  • Outdoor Table Tennis
  • Swimming Pools
  • Aqua Gym


For a mega development, the facilities that we emphasize on the variety of facilities to cater to different type of residents; expats, families, couples, etc. And Normanton Park developer Kingsford Huray Development is no stranger to mega development as evident in Kingsford Waterbay in Hougang. Kingsford Waterbay was another sold out project that resembles Normanton Park a lot. And as developer, we are glad to bring in our experience in terms of residential needs, to value add to Normanton Park buyers.

Normanton Park is expecting to launch on the Jan 2021, and we will like to excite our future Normanton Park residents by having a lucky draw for buyers on launch day. Stand to win a 1 of 10 Mercedes Benz when you purchase a unit in Normanton Park, only on launch day. Take your first towards your dream home here.

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