Food near Normanton Park: Jimmy Monkey Cafe

Jimmy Monkey has come far since their first outlet at One-North Residences in 2011.

You can now spot the “Jimmy Monkies”, located in various areas of Singapore. These include One-North Gateway (opened in 2011), Carpenter Street (private space contracted with SG INNOVATE for their inhouse cohorts), and their latest outlet at Park Place Residences Paya Lebar Quarter.

But, only the One-North Residences or Park Place Residences outlets will be open during this time.

The cafe is known for being the home of Singapore’s first Slayer Espresso Machine (also called the Ferrari within the coffee industry). It is also well-loved by its coffee blends.

The Normanton Park floor plan and design have drastically changed from an indoor, darkly lit space with bookshelves and toilet bowls at One-North Residences to an outdoor, fully alfresco setting at Paya Lebar Residences with plenty of natural sunlight and greenery.

This is the place for you if you love blue. There are various blue accents throughout the space.

One striking feature is the Slayer Espresso Machine, which sits right at the counter. It’s dressed in an elegant Azure blue with its iconic blue cups, saucers, and the Jimmy Monkey logo.

The tall, blue stools will add to the family. They are located around the perimeter of the compound and can be used for social distancing.

The breakfast menu is available from 8am to 5:30pm every day. It focuses on Australian brunch favorites like The Hulk ($16), Egg’s n’ Toast ($10), and Maple Granola (12).

Paya Lebar’s new outlet offers a dinner menu that is available daily from 6pm to 9pm.

Popular choices include the Slow Cooked Cauliflower ($7) and Cracked Rosemary Tos ($9). Pasta ($18-23) is also available. Salads ($19-20) and Pasta ($18-23) are other popular options.

Cracked Rosemary Tots ($9) are simple but delicious. They consist of potatoes, aka potatoes, and rosemary.

Baked the spuds to a golden brown color with crispy skin.

Kalamta Olive Garlic Aioli served with the side. I didn’t like the combination that left a lingering, sour plum-like aftertaste.

This might have overpowered light and refreshing flavor of the potatoes.

Such interesting cafes like Jimmy Monkey surrounding Normanton Park Condo will surely value add to the development. It becomes a superb addition on top of the available F&Bs already in Star Vista.

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