How to sell your Normanton Park condo in the future

Normanton Park will help you to sell your condominium in the future.

Condo dwellers around the globe have a common misconception that you can only offload your property with the assistance of an experienced and certified real estate practitioner. You need to find a broker.

Because certain markets are specialized, it is understandable that many people think like this. Expats might not have the time and motivation to learn all there is about local pricing and buying considerations for the area you are temporarily living in.

If you are looking to make the most of your investment and reduce your expenses, you should consider selling your condo unit yourself. You don’t have to hire a Singaporean broker to help you close deals just because you live in Singapore. You don’t have to be an expert.

Although it takes a lot of time and effort, you can do it. It’s possible if you are willing to work hard. These are the steps to sell your condo in Singapore.

Do thorough comparative sales research

This is critical. This is crucial. If you price your condo unit too high, you run the risk of putting your property up for too long.

It is important to correctly price the product. The only way to do this is to understand the sales of comparable units in your area of Singapore. How do you find out?

Look at your neighborhood. Real estate can be reduced to three keywords. These keywords will help you get the best deal on real estate, whether you’re selling or buying.

These are the keywords. These three keywords are “location, place, location” Which district is it in Singapore? What condo building are you located in? Which floor are yours? They all have a major impact on how many people will bid for your property.

Now let’s look at the recent sales. Compare apples to apples. Take into account the area. Take a look at the amenities and features. Take a look at the buildings. Do they have to be in close proximity? Are they close enough to each other?

After doing your research, you will have a good idea of the price range you can charge. However, this does not mean you can’t charge more. It is important to examine the latest sales and the trends in sales.

This is important because if you only look at the latest price and don’t price it up, you might find that the price fell before the current price. This is how it works. Your pricing should follow the trend. Because you are likely looking to return home, you cannot be an exception. You want to ensure that your sale goes smoothly and is painless.

If your price is too high, it won’t happen. Your condo will likely take a while to sell. It may not sell at all. Be realistic about the price and be aware of the trends.

Listing your condo on as many platforms as possible

You should aim to obtain as many lookups as possible on your property. You will get a lot more bidders. You are likely to get what you want at that point. Remember that the more demand there is, the higher price will be and the quicker the sale.

This is possible by searching as many listing agencies and online property platforms that you can. These are not real estate agents. These people simply list properties. They don’t get paid a commission.

You should visit as many places online as you can offline. You should explore both unpaid and paid options. Spreading coverage on your property is your number one priority. People can either bid on it or pass the information on to someone they know who is looking for a condo.

Get the best photos of your property

It is important to realize that people are often in a hurry. Ex-pats and locals alike are both looking for new places in Singapore. However, they won’t try to figure out what you’re thinking, or to connect the dots. They don’t have the motivation or time.

You can make it easier for them by sharing the best photos of your property. Consider hiring a professional stager. What is a stager? A stager is someone who brings in furniture and possibly new lighting to enhance your interior spaces. This is their job.

This is similar to hiring a professional makeup artist for a celebrity. This is a way to make your property look great. You aren’t lying. You aren’t misrepresenting the dimensions or location of your property. You are simply presenting your property in the best possible light.

Professional staging is responsible for selling condos in Singapore, and almost anywhere else in the world.

Talk to a conveyance lawyer

Bring your property to a Singapore conveyance lawyer to verify that it is legal. They will also explain the steps involved in facilitating condo titles in this region of the world.

Purchase an agreement

These can be downloaded online. You should consult a lawyer to make sure that the terms and conditions are correct.

After all this is done, you can advertise your condo and get the buyer signed on the dotted. Please note that you will have to pay an additional tax if the condo has been in your possession for less than 3 years before you sell it. This can be up to 12% of its contract selling price.

Stay tuned for Normanton Park. CPF Housing Grants for EC /EC Eligibilities are now available. Buyers interested in viewing the Normanton Park price will be announced in H2 2020. CPF website has more information if you are looking to use CPF as a down payment or installment.

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