Less than 600 units left available in Normanton Park

Out of the total 1870 units in Normanton Park, more than 65% has been sold as of today. To be exact 1221, units sold, and there are still about 529 units left.

There is only one 2-Bedroom Premium unit left and is expected to be taken once this update has been posted.

To summarise:

1 Bedroom has 157 units left.

1Bedroom + Study has 28 units left.

2 Bedroom has 2 units left.

2 Bedroom + Study has 41 units left.

2 Bedroom Premium has 1 unit left.

3 Bedroom has 145 units left.

3 Bedroom Premium has 118 units left.

4 Bedroom Compact + Study has 15 units left.

4 Bedroom Premium has 60 units left.

5 Bedroom has 18 units left.

Corner Terrace has 1 unit left.

Intermediate Terrace has 7 units left.

Restaurant unit is no longer available.

Only 3 shop units left.

To find out more, check out on the updated Normanton Park balance units

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