Newbie Guide to buy Normanton Park Condo

Your guide to buying condos Singapore – Part 1: Price, Location, and Tax

Normanton Park shares with you a newbie guide to purchasing condos in Singapore.

Condominiums in Singapore can be priced from 6 to 8 figures in SGD. A 2-bedroom unit in the city’s central business district, Singapore, will cost you almost 2 million Singapore Dollars.


It is important to remember that condo buying is more than about price. Although price plays a significant role in the purchase of a condo, it is not the only thing that matters. If you want to find the best unit within your budget, you must also consider location.

You probably know that location is important when buying this type property. People don’t usually buy cars in the center of cities. They prefer to rely on public transportation.

Therefore, it is important to choose a condo that is strategically placed so that it is close enough to all major modes of mass transportation. This is not something you can assume. It is not possible to assume that because a condo unit or project is located in the middle town, it means that you will have easy access to the subway.

There are likely many other factors. It is important to look at the whole picture and compare the variables between condo units in different districts. You can then weigh the advantages and drawbacks of each unit based on your own preferences and convenience.

Before you buy, make sure you are clear on the legalities.

Foreigners can legally purchase condo units in Singapore that come with a freehold title. This title can be described as a freehold title. This is the most valuable title you can obtain. It has no restrictions.

Globally, foreign ownership is restricted in many property markets. Some countries, for example, require that foreigners cannot sell more than 40% of condominium towers.

These restrictions also include limitations on eligibility for home ownership officers, voting rights, as well as a host of other constraints. These foreign ownership restrictions are not applicable to Singapore.

It is one of the most accessible cities to do business in the world, so its property rules are very liberal and relaxed. Foreigners can get a freehold title with their condominium property, but there is a price. This title is subject to a higher property-tax rate.

Stay tuned for Normanton Park price. CPF Housing Grants for EC /EC Eligibilities are now available. Buyers interested in viewing the Normanton Park Showflat will be available starting in H2 2020. CPF website has more information if you are interested in using CPF to pay down or for installment.

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