Normanton Park open kitchen concept – Part 1 – encourages more space and better communication

Part 1 of the open kitchen concept – encourages more space and better communication

This is part 1 of Open Kitchen Sharing by Normanton Park. Stay tuned for more information about this executive condo property by Hoi Hup & Sunway.

Open kitchens are becoming more popular as people pay more attention to their lifestyle. This can improve the feeling of space and encourage communication between people.

The new private condominiums and executive condos are smaller. The majority of the kitchens are located near the gates. This is a departure from the older design where the kitchen was leaned into the house.

Some homeowners decide to remove the walls to create more space. They also add an island or bar to the living room to bring the kitchen and dining area together in the open kitchen. Open kitchens often have islands. This allows people to communicate better in the living and dining rooms. Interior designers have noticed an increase in the demand for open kitchen designs over the past two decades. Many of them are young married couples. This can be attributed to their frequent outdoor meals or fashion hobbies like baking.

Open kitchens make the house appear larger and more beautiful. Many families no longer cook at home. The homeowners no longer have to be concerned about soot getting into the living room.

Culinary enthusiasts desire to have beautiful kitchens where they can showcase their talents. This group loves the open-kitchen atmosphere. People are increasingly interested in home design and cooking. They want to discover new recipes. They want to make a family kitchen.

Families can enjoy chatting and cooking together. The family’s main focus is now the kitchen and living area. The area is ideal for reading, working, eating, and conversing. Cooks can chat with their families while they bake and cook. It will never be dull to work in the kitchen.

Stay tuned for Normanton Park floor plan. Interested buyers can now look at the CPF Housing Grants for EC /EC Eligibilities and book appointment to view the Normanton Park showflat which will be ready in H2 2020. Meanwhile, you can check out more information at CPF website if you plan to use CPF for down payment  or installment.

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