Normanton Park Open Kitchen Concept – Part 2 – Cost, Location, and Things to Note

This is part 2 of Open Kitchen Sharing by Normanton Park. Find Part 1 here. Stay tuned for more information about this luxurious executive condominium property, which will be launched in 2020.

Some interior designers said that the cost to decorate an open kitchen depends on its size.

Although the open kitchen looks larger, it actually takes up much more space than the closed one. The reason is that the open kitchen requires more space. For people to move easily, it needs space on both the left and right sides.

The open kitchen will be used by many people to connect to the island. It is important to leave space around the island for a walkway. Although it will take up more space than the counter against the wall, it will feel larger.

Although some people believe that Feng Shui is best when the kitchen door is close to the entrance, the architect’s design is more about convenience for the homeowners.

Kitchens were equipped with garbage tanks in the past. Kitchens are usually located at the back of the house, near the garbage tanks. Contrary to the previous design, residents now share the garbage tanks outside their units. It is preferable for the kitchen to be near the door so residents can take out their garbage.

The architect may think that if the kitchen is at the back of the house, everyone must go through the living area to reach the door. It is also easier to access the kitchen after we have bought groceries and are ready to go.

Important points to remember about open kitchens

Many people want an open kitchen. But, there are obvious disadvantages to open kitchen design: the fume problem. The following are some ways to eliminate open kitchen fumes:

  1. Choose a high-quality cooker cover.

You should purchase a cookerhood to control the kitchen fume. You shouldn’t buy a cheap cooker hood just to save money. Strong suction is essential.

  1. Choose smoke-free kitchenware

Pay attention to what you choose for your kitchenware. You should choose nonstick, smoke-free pans, pots and induction cookware. They are easy-to-clean and emit little oil fumes.

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