Normanton Park SOLO units and its advantages

This is part 2 of SOLO office sharing at Normanton Park. Stay tuned for more information about this luxurious executive condominium property at Kent Ridge Park.

Our working environment is changing with the evolution of work concepts, and the modern economy. The SOLO office, inspired by the Loft apartment, perfectly interprets 21st-century entrepreneurs’ focus on creativity, enthusiasm and innovation. It also has unique architectural characteristics.

High ceilings make for an efficient space

SOLO offices offer 40% more space than ordinary offices of similar size. They have a high ceiling (5m high at the unit level) as well as a column-free design.

Space design allows for unlimited creativity

You have the freedom to choose, and you can let your imagination run wild. Product display and art furnishing are made easier by the high walls. Layouts that are pillar-free allow for free movement. You can create a space for collaboration in the middle of your office by placing a beanbag sofa or billiards table. Do it!

Stay tuned for Normanton Park price. CPF Housing Grants for EC /EC Eligibilities are now available. Buyers interested in viewing the Normanton Park Showflat will be available starting in H2 2020. CPF website has more information if you are interested in using CPF to pay down or for installment.

Bright lights and big windows

The large windows in the SOLO office are perfect for those who love natural light. You can soak in the sunlight, take in the beautiful view, improve your mood, and get great inspiration. This is the beauty and power of windows. Natural light can also help regulate your body’s biological clock, making it more pleasant to sleep.

High ceilings bring out the color.

Good news for startups and creative businesses: According to a website dedicated to business design, high ceilings can be a stimulant of thinking. The SOLO office can help you think outside the box and solve business problems. You are not the only one who chooses SOLO. You will meet like-minded people, build friendships, and join a vibrant community to help you entrepreneurship.

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