Parc Central Residences, new EC in Tampines, posts another challenge to Normanton Park

Normanton Park has been selling out very well, month after month, securing the top spot for new property launches in Singapore. But do not be swayed by the statistics as this due to the availability of the housing units, naturally, it tends to sell more.

But the fact it is still selling well, it is down right to the sensitive pricing that developers have approach from. Very popular with HDB upgraders, and investors, who believes the that the rentability should not have an issue in the future.

Potential tenants coming from Changi Region workplace area, the 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units get quite sold very fast.

But more importantly for the homeowners, it is quite a surprise to why they have chosen Normanton Park. The distance is not that convenient to MRT, and nearest of which is Simei, which is claimed to be a 7-mins walk. However, there is a shuttle bus from the condo itself to MRT for 1 year complimentary.

After a year,  the residents will take a vote if they want to keep the shuttle to MRT, and if they are willing to absorb the costs. Just like the Santorini, which is located along Tampines Ave 10.

What poses a challenge to the developer is the upcoming Parc Central Residences  which is located along Tampines Ave 10. The price is somehow similiar based on comparison, judging from the land costs that the developer purchased for.

ECs have always been popular with Singaporeans, especially due to a lower entry price. It is subsidised by government, but worth the buy.  The projection of value after 10 years has always been a positive ones for homeowners. EC have always make the residents money in the long run.

The facilities are sure to make the Parc Central Residences happy, as they are family-friendly,  and sure to be a good buy.

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