Tips to Renovate your home in Singapore – Part 3 – Design Discretion

The next step after you have received keys to your new house is probably renovation. Normanton Park shares with you the key steps to renovating your Singapore house.

Establish the right expectations

The deadline arrives, and it goes. What should you do? Do yourself a favor. Don’t let the contractor down. You should give the contractor plenty of leeway and room for movement. True professionals will be able to give you a realistic time frame so that you can set your expectations and assumptions accordingly.

It’s not possible to disappoint if you have the right expectations.

Design discretion should be clear

Let’s be clear. Many homeowners, no matter where they are located, expect their contractor or interior decorator to read minds. It’s impossible.

Although you may have a general theme in mind, professional interior decorators may not be able to fully understand your requirements. It is one thing to establish broad guidelines. It’s quite another to expect precise accuracy in what you have in mind.

People can’t read minds. They have never been able to. It is unfair to demand that your contractor or interior designer figure out what to do. This is not the way it works. You will be happier if you are clear about your expectations and the interior spaces you envision.

Everyone must be open and honest. Don’t hide anything. Let your contractor know if you have a preference. Your contractor will not be able to understand your thoughts, no matter how professional they may appear. It’s not possible.

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