Why is Normanton Park SOLO units good for residents starting up

Normanton Park brings you market movements and updates. Stay tuned for updates on this luxurious executive condominium property at Buona Vista.

Many local entrepreneurs face the problem of finding office space. While a shared or home office can be sufficient for the initial stages of a company, as the team grows, the space may become too small. The traditional office space might appear cramped and unsuitable.

Some developers have introduced the SOLO concept, which allows for 101 offices units that range from 500 to 1,400 square feet. This is in response to growing market demand for smaller office space.

The SOLO office was inspired by the Loft duplex apartment’s design. It features a large vertical space with high ceilings and large windows. This category is highly sought-after in New York City and London and is becoming increasingly popular in Singapore.

Stay tuned for Normanton Park price. CPF Housing Grants for EC /EC Eligibilities are now available. Buyers interested in viewing the Normanton Park Showflat will be available starting in H2 2020. You can find more information on URA website.

The SOLO office is well-designed and allows for easy socialization. There is a green roof that overlooks the street and a commercial pavilion. The business center has multiple meeting rooms and allows people from different offices to communicate and work together in a collaborative environment. It’s so much fun.

You can have free conversations, socialize with your office neighbors, and exchange ideas.

SOLO Office provides you with all the leisure facilities, including gyms and swimming pools, restaurants, cafes, and retail shops. To start the day, enjoy a cup of coffee after a hard workout. You can also have a break during lunch to recharge your mind and body. In the evening, take two glasses to celebrate the company’s achievements.

The SOLO office is often located near commercial projects, residential communities, leisure facilities, and transportation networks. This makes it a prominent commercial landmark.

The SOLO office offers a great environment for entrepreneurs and provides facilities that encourage business. The wonderful SOLO lifestyle is available to you, whether it’s a boutique wine shop or a design company, health center, or social media.

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